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Frequently Asked Questions / Terms and Conditions

Q. Is this service really free?
A. Yes the basic service is really free of any charges and we have no current plans to change that.

Q. How does the service work?
A. By registering your vehicle information prior to a theft or loss. Having current and accurate information to provide to the authorities or your insurance company will help provide the best possible chance of recovery and validity for a fair settlement. In the event of a theft our proprietary system scans the Internet looking for potential listed vehicles or a parts match and if a potential match is found then screened for accuracy.

In the event that a possible match is found you will be notified of this match for verification. When confirmed and verified that the item is yours the local authorities can be notified.

Q. Where do you look for my stolen vehicle or parts?
A. We look in all the popular auction and local classified sales sites. We utilize vehicle brand or model enthusiast sites (i.e. a, Jeep, Jeep and Four Wheel drive forum sites including Internet Sales) The list of sites and methods of searching is proprietary information at this time. Additionally we work with body shops, salvage yards and other used parts outlets so that they may verify that the parts have not been stolen from the local area?

Q. I operate a body shop / salvage yard / recycling center / repair shop and am looking to have access to validate parts have not been reported stolen.
A. Please send an email to contact@myautoalert.com

Q. Will you sell or rent my email address or other personal information?
A. NO. We are not in the business of selling personal information and will not sell the information to third parties..

Q. Are there any promotions or discounts offered through the site?
A. YES! As a valued member of the site and avid automotive enthusiast we will occasionally partner with companies to provide special automotive related discounted goods or services. This is a free bonus of being a member of the site and you are under no obligation to purchase any of these items.

Q. My car was stolen - what do I do now?
A. Log into your account, select your vehicle information, select images and if applicable select accessories you have provided and submit. Please note your information can be sent by you via email at any time, but we require a police report number to send to local authorities.

Q. My car was stolen; will you work with my insurance company to get me a better settlement?
A. At this time we cannot do that. However our experience has proven that providing the insurance company with accurate condition and description documentation stored on the site will often get you a better settlement.

Q. Why are you asking for this information and is my information secure?
A. The collection of data is to help you in the event that your vehicle is stolen, wrecked, vandalized or broken into. Having vehicle condition information and evidence (pictures, video and list of aftermarket accessories) to provide to the authorities and insurance agencies will be valuable documentation in either recovering your property or making an equitable settlement. Your data is housed in a secure hosting center and no personal information is accessible without first securely logging into your account.

Terms and Conditions below.

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Our secure site requires authorization prior to allowing you to edit any personal or vehicle information. We know we can make the difference between lost and found!

Give us a try for free and see what you think. We are here to provide you with a safe and reliable piece of mind. .




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